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Shakeology The Nutrition Game Changer

Let’s be honest, I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies in a day, but who truthfully does? Instead, I grab for the nearest quick and easy snack to satisfy my sweet tooth or belly grumble. That was until I tired this Shakeology thing for myself. Like a lot of people, I was pretty skeptical – how can this one shake a day be so vital to my daily nutrition? Well it can and it is!

I’ve tried workout after workout, after nutrition program trying to find something that sticks and it was just too hard for me to maintain. I can partly blame that on cravings and hunger pains I felt every day while on those fitness/nutrition programs. There was no way I could keep that going and make it my lifestyle. This girl has GOT to eat.

A few months back, a friend of mine was telling me about this workout program where she lost 11 lbs. I was like, what is it and how do I sign up?! But, she let me in on a little secret. She said that when she started this program she also tried Shakeology with it and she felt like that was a HUGE piece of her success. So you know what I did? I got the workout program and DIDN’T get the Shakeology. I bet you could guess how far I got….well I’ll tell you. I barely made it through a week and a half before I broke. When I say broke, I mean I sped to Taco Bell as fast as I could and put as many tacos in my belly before I was full and sick. Yuck.

After another failed fitness/nutrition program, I sat down and started questioning myself hardcore. ‘Did I not have the willpower to finish anything?’, ‘Seriously, what was my problem?’, ‘I’ve got to do something.’. Fast forward a few weeks, falling back into my typical routine of eating whatever and just being casually active I decided to go ALL in. I told myself that if I wanted to be healthy and fit I was going to have to commit and invest. And with that commitment I needed some major accountability to keep me afloat during my weak days. That same week, I ordered Shakeology – just like my friend had and I restarted my workout program, got plugged into a group of ladies for some accountability, while drinking one shake a day. One shake a day!

Take a wild guess at what happened. My energy level was consistently up all day long, I didn’t have one inkling of a chocolate craving and it kept me full for most of my busy morning. I chose to drink my shakes in the morning as my breakfast, because I never had time to actually cook a meal that early and make it to work on time. Before I knew it, it was lunch time and I had survived the entire morning without rushing to the kitchen. Say what?! Do I have your attention, because this change definitely perked my interest. I finished my full 3 week workout program without wavering and have successfully changed my lifestyle when it comes to my food choices.

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Let me fill you in on this shake thing. Shakeology is more than a protein shake. It is a daily dose of dense nutrition and it is packed with a world of superfoods in just one glass. Think of it as nutrition simplified. Not to mention it is so stinkin’ yummy that I don’t even feel bad for drinking every last drop. So the bottom line is that if you want to live a healthy life, you’ve got to eat healthy and it doesn’t get any more affordable or easier than Shakeology. In fact, your daily dose costs less than 1 cup of coffee. Yep, that’s right.

Do you want to turn your life around and begin making healthy choices for yourself? Try Shakeology for just one month. One month is what I committed to as a trial and I can personally say that I haven’t seen my determination and success rate this high in forever. No investment is going to be too much when you are seeing the results you want. And if you want to take it further, when you try Shakeology, I’ll be your #1 fan to cheer you on while connecting you to a group of ladies all striving towards the same goal. That’s priceless.


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7 thoughts on “The Nutrition Game Changer”

  1. My husband lost tons of weight with Shakeology and didn’t even need to work out a whole lot. He was bad knees so this was perfect for him.

  2. This is definitely something I would be interested in. Usually for breakfast I have a Chocolate Special K Protein Shake. They are small and hold me for a little while, but I don’t know if its really the best option amongst other protein shakes (probably not). Even though I’m pretty picky, I feel like these shakes might be a way healthier alternative. I’ll have to look into it. Thank for sharing! 🙂

    1. You are so welcome! And you are absolutely right. Some of those popular diet shakes are filled with hidden sugars that keep you grabbing for more. The Shakeology is a lot more than what you would expect in one glass. I always say try it for 30 days and let it speak for itself. If you are interested feel free to follow the links in my post to order and I’m always happy to answer any questions!

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