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15 Go-To Essentials for Your Summer Bag

It’s summer time and you know what happens during the summer around here? Adventure! You will hardly ever catch me at the house when the suns out, I’m always off exploring on my bike, trekking along on a hiking trail, playing a friendly game of racquetball or catching some sun by any body of water I can find! All of course, with my handsome husband and fun-loving pup!

Since we are always outdoors this time of year, packing the right essentials for the adventure is key. Am I right, or am I right?!

Today I’m sharing 15 favorite items for my summer bag that literally goes everywhere with me.

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Fall in Full Bloom

What’s not to love about Fall? The weather, the bold colors and best of all, the food!

Growing up I remember going to my Memaw’s house to pick the apples from her 15 apple trees that perfectly lined her front yard. Pawpaw would bring out the tractor and my cousins and I would climb in the bucket to be raised up in reach of the highest apple. Memaw would cut the apples into slices. Some would be dried on the front porch and the rest would be frozen to enjoy throughout the year.

This year, just like in years past, I have tried to incorporate apples into everything; Recipes, decorating…the list goes on.  They are just so beautiful and delicious.

In my journey to become “better in the kitchen”, I found a Bloomin’ Baked Apple recipe on Pinterest and had to test it out. I went to my local Walmart to buy the freshest apples and ingredients to make this yummy treat. Continue reading Fall in Full Bloom