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Tips For Keeping Your Tech Clean

Today I set out on a mission to count how many times I touched my phone in a day.  Wanna know how many times? More times than I can keep track of.  We live a very connected, hands-on life these days, always scrolling and swiping on our phones, computers and tablets. But, when’s the last time we actually cleaned our tech? Let that sink in for a bit… I’m washing my hands every chance I get, but my tech hasn’t seen a cleaning cloth in…well I am ashamed to admit how long.

So naturally I looked to Google to tell me the truth about how dirty our tech really is. Maybe that wasn’t the best decision, but what I found was so gross I couldn’t help but share it with you guys. Bare with me for a second.

Did you know that the average toilet seat has about 49 germs per square inch. Any guesses on how many germs your phone harbors per square inch? (hands over eyes) 25,127 GERMS! Say what?! (drops phone)

If you are like me, I think its time for our tech to get a little scrub down. (like now) Here are a few helpful tips to get your tech back to cleaner conditions.

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