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183 Things I Love About My Husband After Six Months of Marriage


“If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.” – Maria Edgeworth

6 months | 22 weeks | 183 days | 4344 hours | 260,640 minutes | a million + seconds

I still have to pinch myself sometimes, because it just seems unreal, being married. This week we will officially reach our 6 month milestone as a married couple. For some that may seem insignificant, but for me, it’s special. It’s special because when I look back on my life before I was married, I can whole-heartedly say that every single struggle, times of loneliness, heartbreak and times of doubt were worth it.  1000% worth it. I thank the Lord everyday for my husband and you know what? It’s true when they say that you will love them more with time. Within this short 6 months I have fallen in love with with him a hundred times over and sometimes for reasons I’ll never be able to explain.

In honor of this sweet little milestone, I wanted to share 183 things I love about my husband. I choose the number 183 because that’s about how many days are in six months and because 22 (weeks in six months) is just not enough and let’s be honest, 4344 (hours in six months) might be a stretch. 🙂 Well, here it goes…

Cheers to six months of marital bliss and re reading this again on our 10 year anniversary, October 8th, 2026.

183 Things I love about my husband in our first 6 months of marriage:

  1. He’s my #1 fan and supporter in every crazy dream or idea I have
  2. He’s the most kind-hearted man I’ve ever met
  3. He is a man of integrity
  4. He makes me laugh every single day
  5. He loves his momma
  6. He loves my momma
  7. He compliments me on my average cooking even when we both know it’s debatable at best
  8. He has a heart after the Lord
  9. He always keeps an open mind when I encourage his sense of fashion in clothes and hairstyles
  10. He loves to travel just as much as I do
  11. He’s a future dreamer and we could do that all day together
  12. He makes coffee way better than I can
  13. He is oh so forgiving
  14. He is a lawn king when it comes to shaping up the yard
  15. He is the best dog dad I could ever ask for
  16. He accepts me for who I am
  17. He never complains about helping out with house chores
  18. He challenges me in sports, but we both know that I give him a run for his money playing racquetball
  19. We’ve eaten more dessert together than I have in my whole life combined
  20. He insists on surprise mani/pedis
  21. He has a spontaneous spirit that I can’t get enough of
  22. His baby brown eyes are perfect
  23. I love how he puts his arm around me while casually shopping
  24. He tells me I am beautiful everyday
  25. He kisses me goodbye in the morning even when I am still asleep
  26. He never lets a change of plans dull his day
  27. He is the master of the thermostat and keeps our  techy internet, TV things working
  28. He keeps me calm in times of stress and chaos
  29. He sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the door because it makes me feel protected
  30. He is my best friend
  31. He always shows me he loves me
  32. He likes to try and sneak out of the bed on Saturday mornings to get a head start on cleaning while I’m sleeping
  33. He always keeps his promises
  34. He’s ok eating Mexican food for our date nights every single week
  35. His face on our wedding day
  36. All kids freaking love him
  37. He is always rubbing my feet
  38. He doesn’t even flinch at my crazy family
  39. He is smokin’ hot
  40. He sacrifices and works hard to support us
  41. He always makes time for just the two of us
  42. He laughs at my jokes
  43. He is so charming
  44. He keeps my car in tip top shape
  45. He makes dreaming about our future family incredible
  46. His beard is always on point
  47. He has a million nicknames for me
  48. He speaks in his own made up language and it’s hilarious
  49. He almost always takes out the trash
  50. He is passionate about his favorite sports teams
  51. He will always choose me over a sports game
  52. He has made it a point to keep my gas tank full
  53. He never hesitates to run out to get chocolate for me at night
  54. He enjoys my quirks and I enjoy his
  55. I love when he wraps his arms around me while I’m cooking
  56. He finds humor in my rap/singing skills
  57. His cologne gives me all the heart eyes
  58. He is good at weighing pros and cons and giving solid advice
  59. I can be myself with him
  60. We are a team in all things
  61. He never complains about me showing him cute animal videos all the time
  62. He loves shoes
  63. His sense of decorating is just about as good as mine
  64. He’s the best handyman
  65. He is amazing with numbers (thank the Lord for that)
  66. He’s dedicated to our marriage
  67. He is a loyal friend and brother
  68. He is a natural leader
  69. His hugs are incredible
  70. He puts me first in every decision
  71. He has a sexy voice
  72. We have special dances to Taylor Swift songs
  73. He always reminds me that I snore and he doesn’t
  74. He makes conversation with any and all strangers
  75. He lets me dictate the direction of the toilet paper roll
  76. He piles the warm laundry on me when I am cold
  77. He’s 98% goofy and I love it
  78. He’s already committed to changing all the dirty diapers of our future children (score!)
  79. He has a HUGE heart
  80. He wears his wedding ring with pride
  81. We finish each other’s sentences often
  82. He brags on me to his friends and coworkers
  83. He is my rock
  84. His relationship with my mom is adorable
  85. He loves Taco Bell just as much as I do
  86. His forehead kisses are perfect
  87. He’s not afraid to cry with me
  88. We were instant friends the first time we met
  89. He is a perfect nurse when I am sick
  90. When he calls me just to hear my voice
  91. He remembers the little things
  92. He tries to carry ALL the groceries in one trip
  93. He always has my back
  94. He’s adventurous
  95. Have I mentioned his sense of humor?
  96. He always ensures I have beef jerky on road trips
  97. He is down to earth
  98. He stands up for what he believes
  99. He’s a great listener
  100. He always lets me pick the movie
  101. He is the most thoughtful person
  102. He leaves me little notes
  103. He loves when I check in on him in the middle of the work day
  104. He never lets us go to bed angry
  105. He is the luckiest person when it comes to winning stuff
  106. He doesn’t try to change me
  107. He keeps a picture of us on his desk at work
  108. He helps me bring my dreams to life
  109. He is proud of me
  110. He can read me really really well
  111. He enjoys evening walks with me and the pup
  112. He loves to dance
  113. He begs to put Christmas lights on the house
  114. He thinks he needs to clean the garage every weekend
  115. He is never without chapstick
  116. We share a love for black socks
  117. He’s constantly helping me spruce up my office
  118. He loves bike rides together
  119. He makes seasonal bucket lists with me
  120. He supposedly loves reading my blog
  121. He is always supporting my Instagram
  122. He let’s me browse pinterest on his big iPad
  123. He loves lamps – all the lamps
  124. He tries to turn on the car’s seat warmer without me knowing
  125. He is generous
  126. He  has a way with words
  127. He hardly ever rushes me
  128. We both love baseball
  129. He answers every question I have about sports and their rules
  130. He hurries home from work to see me
  131. He likes me even when I’m hangry
  132. He works really really hard to avoid me getting hangry
  133. He makes everything fun
  134. He is down right loving
  135. He loves athletic clothes as much as I do
  136. He is always the driver on road trips
  137. I know that I can tell him anything
  138. He is a hopeless romantic
  139. He knows what he wants and he works hard for it
  140. He is so smart
  141. He always puts up a fight when it comes to using sunscreen
  142. He is forgiving
  143. He is so handsome
  144. He looks great in a pair of jeans
  145. He’s willing to pick up some of my favorite hobbies, like running
  146. He introduced me to bread & butter pickles
  147. He fights for us in every disagreement
  148. He doesn’t care what others think of him
  149. How he tries to impersonate me with a retainer in (this is the funniest thing ever)
  150. He is a lover of surprises
  151. He’s always trying to get the mail before I do
  152. He’s open to trying new fitness and meal plans with me (except that one time we tried juicing – hah!)
  153. He loves me more when I am looking my worst
  154. He is fully involved in planning everything – wedding, vacation, weekend getaways, date nights
  155. He is a thrifter and a saver
  156. He always has a cute background picture of us on his phone
  157. He is genuine
  158. He is a family man
  159. He always insists on carrying my luggage
  160. He is impossible not to love
  161. He makes me the happiest girl in the world
  162. He’s my forever summer concert date
  163. He looks sharp in a sports coat
  164. He loves taking pictures with me
  165. He’s great at picking out clothes and shoes for me without my help
  166. He has an infectious love for life
  167. He makes me feel so safe
  168. He is comforting after a hard day
  169. He never passes up an opportunity to binge watch Netflix with me
  170. He is the cutest in a ball cap
  171. He is competitive at every card game or board game we play
  172. He was the one that taught me my favorite card game
  173. He loves a good home/furniture project
  174. He is a master at selling stuff on Craigslist – I’ll never know how he does it
  175. He knows a good deal when he sees one
  176. He is my yardselling partner in crime
  177. He saves me from all the spiders
  178. He makes me want to be a better version of myself
  179. He is dreamy
  180. His personality is out of this world
  181. He is always teaching me something new
  182. He appreciates me and us
  183. He is my forever

There you have it – 183 things straight from the heart. (Whew!)

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