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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life


Hello, Spring! (finally)

The sun is shining, the windows are down, the flowers are blooming and I just can’t get enough of this beautiful Spring weather we are having here in the south! I sure did miss these longer days. How about you?

For me, the season always brings with it the urge to spring clean. Carpet shampooing, closet purging, garage organizing….and go! It just feels so darn good to clear the clutter and freshen up the house after hibernating all winter. But today I want to go deeper and I’m not talking about adding the baseboards to your list to clean. I’m talking about spring cleaning for your life.

When was the last time you took a closer look into your personal health, your business, the time spent with your family…or how you are using your spare time? Maybe that was just a few months ago when looking for new year’s resolutions or maybe it’s long overdue for a refresh. If this is you, join me this Spring as I take a few steps to declutter my own life. #SpringCleaningtheLife

Spring Clean // Health

Finding balance in a healthy diet and consistent workouts is a never ending struggle for me. My routine is often different week over week leaving me feeling burnt out, tired and lacking motivation. I’ve noticed that changing habits to healthy ones is more effective when I take baby steps.

A few weeks I opened my fridge and you know what was on the shelves? Hardly anything and what was there was either expired or unhealthy. (um, gross!) This tells me two things:

  1. I hate grocery shopping and my husband is probably always starving.
  2. We eat out way too often because of the lack of food in our house.

I’ve decided to not only keep my fridge clean, but to make sure I am stocking it with healthy options. Fruits, veggies and natural foods. I’ve been binging on Pinterest lately looking for nutritious recipes to keep us focused throughout the week and putting those into a simple meal plan. TIP: Make a Pinterest board for weekly meal plans that has 7 breakfast recipes, 7 lunch ideas, 7 dinner recipes and 1-2 healthy dessert ideas. This makes it even easier to make your grocery list and choose a meal each day without having to sift through millions of Pinterest recipes 5 minutes before you are already hangry.

Now for the workouts. I get bored with the same ole workouts week after week. I’ve got to have some variety. How about you? I like to keep my workouts fresh by trying different programs or finding new fitness professionals to follow. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Daily Burn
  2. Cassey Ho – Blogilates
  3. Nike + Training Club App

Making small changes like replacing potato chips with kale chips or changing up my workout routine help me choose healthier options each day and before I know it, I’ve got a healthier lifestyle than I did a month ago. What small changes can you make to slowly improve your health? Whatever it is, never stop pursuing a better version of yourself. #SpringCleaningtheLife

Spring Clean // Spare Time

This one is HUGE in my life. When I say huge, I don’t mean I have a never ending supply of free time (seriously, what is this “free time” people speak of?), I’m talking about the way I spend what little free time I have is down right silly. (SILLY STUPID!)

I often times associate free time with relaxation. Do you do that? I’m surely not alone here. I get 30 minutes of down time and what do I do?… I grab the nearest device I have and scroll those social feeds. For what? To see how others are enjoying their life and being productive? I could be spending those extra 30 minutes doing things I need to do. Like organizing my desk, finishing the book that’s collecting dust on my nightstand or going for a walk with the pup.

Now don’t get me wrong, relaxation is a thing, a very important thing. Believe you me, I make time for some quality relaxation time. But those other down times that are not classified as relaxing, I want to improve those minutes or hours by being  more productive and less “scrolly”. (Definition of “scrolly” (adj.): when one uses their spare time to exercise their thumbs for no apparent reason) Yep – just made that up. Are you with me here? #SpringCleaningtheLife

Spring Clean // Finances

Here’s the thing, I’m spoiled and my husband is a grade A spoiler and I love every bit of it. (Did I just say I was spoiled out loud? Forget you saw that) Another fun fact about me is that I love love love trying new things. I’ve always been an early adopter to new techy things or test out those pesky subscription based apps or workshops. I think being a forever student is just my thing. With that, I often times find myself with of list of fees that are billed every month over and over. Now that doesn’t include the Netflix and Hulu fees. Those are a must-have, can’t live without kind of subscriptions, am I right?

The feeling of knowing your finances are in order is one of the best feelings in the world. Here’s some things to consider when sprucing up those dollars.

  1. Cancel all those app based subscriptions that you never use and delete those apps from your devices. Trust me, you will never miss them.
  2. Cancel that gym membership you never use and try a free workout plan that you can do from your garage.
  3. Before you buy something ask yourself:
    • Will I use it?
    • Do I want to store it?
    • Do I want to clean it?
    • Can I use the money to buy something else that is more important?
  4. Download the Dave Ramsey podcast. It has truly shaped my ideas and opinions on managing money. Life changer.

I bet you, after decluttering those finances that you sleep a little better! I know I sure will. #SpringCleaningtheLife

Whew! I already feel better knowing that there are a few goals in place for spring cleaning in my life. Now if I could just finish up the list of house cleaning that needs to get done.  🙂

Do you have other ways of decluttering and spring cleaning your life or planning to try out some of these ideas? I’d LOVE to hear about it! Leave me a comment below or share with me on Instagram using the hashtag #SpringCleaningtheLife and I’ll stop by and check it out!

Creative Ways to Keep Moving in the Winter


Confession time. I don’t like winter and winter doesn’t like me. I am a summertime, getup and go, iced tea on the front porch kind of girl and this winter thing has me like – Burr. Nope. Too cold. Pull the covers back over my head.

I struggle to get out of bed in the Winter and it totally throws off my morning person routine. I guess it’s true, you really can get the winter blues.  So, I’m sharing with you my little tips to keep your body moving this winter and getting in your steps every single day! Grab your coat! Continue reading Creative Ways to Keep Moving in the Winter

The Healthy Guide to Eating Out


I’ll be the first to tell you that I LOVE to eat out at restaurants. Its like a weekend hobby for us around here, but it can be totally detrimental to our nutrition plan. Sometimes I feel like I have to start over every single week just to get back to where I was…then to squash it again with another weekend outing. Can anyone relate?

I am putting my foot down this time and taking a stand for the hard work that has been accomplished throughout the week. There is a way to go out to eat AND maintain your nutrition plan. Say what?! Yes and I’m giving you all my little secrets below.  Continue reading The Healthy Guide to Eating Out

Healthy Cocoa-Banana Oat Brownies

HealthyCocoa-Banana OatBrownies_Blog Title

Oh the chocolate cravings – give me a break. I went on a search to make the most healthy chocolate dessert to curb those pesky chocolate cravings and I found it. May I introduce to you to the Healthy Cocoa-Banana Oat Brownies. Yep, brownies.

Have you ever found a yummy recipe and then just had to have it right then?! That happens to me all the time. I find a recipe that I just have to have right now, but I don’t have the ingredients to make it….so off to the store I go and most of the time I end up making the recipe days or even weeks later because I spent all my time gathering what I needed. Blah.

These cocoa banana oat brownies are so easy to make and I betcha you have most, if not all of the ingredients in your kitchen right now! Better yet, these babies take less than 5 minutes to whip together and just a short 20 minutes to bake. Let me show you!

Continue reading Healthy Cocoa-Banana Oat Brownies

Easy Mini Egg Frittatas


Egg FrittatasIn a perfect world, I would wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and set out each and every morning accomplishing everything I had on my to-do list. Well…yea that doesn’t happen very often. Here’s how it usually goes – wake up, take the pup on a morning walk, rush to get myself ready for the day and run out the door making it to work with just a few minutes to spare. Do you know what the most important thing is that often gets cut from my morning routine? Breakfast! Sometimes I just don’t have time to do breakfast.

Continue reading Easy Mini Egg Frittatas

5 Minute Plank Workout

5 Min Plank Workout

Raise your hand if you like planks?! I do, but I didn’t always like planks. I tend to like the moves that I am really good at. Kind of like math, if I know how to solve the equation, I loved doing those ones. But when it comes to the equations or moves that I was terrible at, I just cringed and got through it as fast as I could. Until I realized how vital a strong core is to everything else we do.

Strengthening your core is so important. The core acts as a stabilizer for the entire body. Think about this, how many hours a day are you sitting in your car and/or at your desk? For me, that’s a total of about 8+ hours. Yikes! Did you know that if you sit for too long your core weakens? When your core weakens it results in other problem areas such as lower back pain. Nobody has time for that!

Continue reading 5 Minute Plank Workout

A Little Burger With My Guac

Guacamole Turkey Burgers INsta

I am a list maker and a goal setter. Like hardcore. I made a goal this month that I was going to learn how to cook 5 new healthy recipes. 5! If you’ve had my cooking, you know that this is a true challenge. I am not the best cook in the book and my poor poor fiance would agree. BUT I’m making progress (with the help of Pinterest of course).

On this journey to find new healthy recipes to try for myself, I ran across one that absolutely caught my eye. May I present to you, Guacamole Turkey Burgers! This recipe was so stinkin’ easy, even I couldn’t mess it up! Not to mention it was oh so healthy and delicious. And it gets better – this recipe is 21 Day Fix approved. Um, yes please!

Continue reading A Little Burger With My Guac

Back to Basics – Join the Challenge

Back to Basics Blog Title

Happy Monday & 1st day of August!

For me, August is a “restart” month. A chance to re-evaluate the life I am living when it comes to faith, fitness, meal choices and even finances. For a lot of folks, August requires a lot of routine changes to get kiddos back to school and for some, to get yourself geared up for classes and the list goes on and on. So why not make a routine change this year that you can adopt year around?

Join me and my sweet friend @Four13fit
 in our upcoming Back to Basics Fitness Challenge, starting AUGUST 15th. This exclusive group is all about re-balancing our lives in order to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We have some awesome tools to help you achieve success in your health and fitness journey while feeding your hearts with daily devotionals.

If you are interested, head over to my “Join the Challenge” page to learn more, fill out the form and receive an intro packet. We would love to have you! 

*Group spots are limited

Back to Basics 8.15 Insta

Back to Basics Promo

5 Minute Arms

5 Minute Arms Blog Graphic #2

Happy Friday!

I am coming at you with another post in our 5 Minute workout series! This week is 5 Minute Arms! (and shoulders 🙂 ) For me, working out my arms can be hard. It’s most definitely not my favorite workout day, but it’s got to be done! I like to break up the workouts into smaller sessions so that I don’t feel overwhelmed and defeated. That’s why this 5 minute arm workout is SO my thing! Try it for yourself!

1 Minute Shoulder Press – stand tall with your back straight, ensure your shoulders don’t creep up to your ears and press the weights up. Bring them back down and repeat. Don’t let your elbows go lower than your shoulders.

Shoulder Press

1 Minute Kickbacks – These are tricky for me – sometimes it helps to rest one of your knees on a bench as you bend over. Pull your arms close and extend backwards, only bending your elbows. Tighten the tricep muscle once extended and slowly bring back in. Continue reading 5 Minute Arms

5 Benefits of Morning Walks

Summer mornings are my favorite. I set my alarm an hour earlier than usual just so I can get in a morning walk with the pup. I have found that even a short amount of exercise in the early hours does a person AND a dog good.

When I make time to get moving in the morning I find that my day goes a wee bit better. I have more energy, I tend to make healthier choices and not to mention its great for getting that metabolism going fast! Also, my pup lives for his walks around the neighborhood.

Let me just say, we have not mastered our morning walks. In fact, Carter (the pup) is all over the place. We have to sniff every mailbox, every trashcan, every dog that we pass and the list goes on. But it makes for a calmer day with him if we get out first thing in the morning.  And some days are more interesting than others. We have an ornery neighbor cat that often greets us while out and about. (can anyone relate??) This cat takes ornery to the next level and drives Carter crazy. We can be walking along and out of nowhere there he is. Its never a simple “Hi, I’m here – good morning.” It’s more like, “Muhaahh, how can I get in this dogs head?” He will follow us for a good block – charging. I’ve come to realize that maybe he just wants a friend or someone to walk with. All I can say is the more the merrier.

Here are my top reasons why I love my morning walks:

  1. It helps me start the day with a clear mind. This time allows me to collect my thoughts and get the day in order before I get to the office.
  2. Gives me energy. I can be sluggish some mornings and feel like sleeping all day, but as soon as that walk gets started I get a boost of energy that will last me all day.
  3. Counts as exercise. I love to meet a daily step goal using my fitness band. This gives me a jump start.
  4. Helps me stay positive. Walking equals happy endorphins
  5. Healthier choices. I make better decisions on my meals throughout the day and it encourages me to go for another walk in the evening.

I hope you have a great day!