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How To Stay Focused When Everyone Else Is Going On Vacation

Real talk today – I’ve got vacation brain.

Let’s face it. It’s summer time and everyone is catching sun on the beach…except me. I’m still working that 9-5 grind at the office, filling in the gaps for those gone and it is incredibly hard to stay focused. Anyone with me? I think there’s a term for this feeling…FOMO (fear of missing out)? Yea, that’s totally me right now.

My husband and I have started a tradition where we take our big vacations every October after the summer travel seasons have died down and most folks are back to their routines. Now don’t get me wrong, October is an amazing time to travel, but it’s so hard to watch the summer simmer down and come to and end before we step foot on the beach.

So, this vacay brain thing has got to get gone…and I mean fast. October is still a few months away and I can’t waste time being unfocused and daydreaming about my toes in the sand. Easier said than done.

If you are struggling with vacation brain like me, first of all – I’d love to know so that I don’t feel alone and second, here are some tips that will hopefully pull us through till we find ourselves with a drink in our hand by the water. Our time is coming, so let’s do this thing!

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Mini Getaway at Big Cedar Lodge


Week after week we are stuck in our same ole’ routines. Wake up, work, dinner, sleep, repeat. Ok…there is a little more laughter and food in that routine ūüôā , but you get the picture. We just don’t hardly get to relax and enjoy life outside of work¬†mid-week. Can you relate? Well grab yourself a fuzzy blanket and a cup of coffee because I am sharing our mini mid-week getaway with you right now!

Picture this, its early morning, you open the drapes to a beautiful foggy view of the Fall foliage overlooking a lake. You grab your warm cup of coffee and step out on the balcony to take in the crisp morning air. Room service delivers a warm cinnamon roll and you eat your breakfast in a rocking chair while curled up in a fuzzy blanket on the balcony.  Do you feel relaxed yet? Ahhhh.


We spent a few days working at the Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri and it was refreshing to say the least. This little piece of the South is too close not to visit more often!

The views are spectacular, the rooms are cozy and the entire lodge is beautiful! We arrived at the lodge and it was like a southern paradise. My favorite part was that we had gotten there just in time to see the beginnings of their Christmas decor setup. Talk about extravagant and stunning. Continue reading Mini Getaway at Big Cedar Lodge