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Make This Valentines Day Timeless

This post is sponsored by JORD,Inc., but all opinions are my own.

Oh, Valentines Day. For some, V-day is the ultimate dreaded day and for other’s we just seem to skim by and hope that it passes quickly. (I see you nodding your head over there!) If you ask me, I’ve always thought of it as a silly overrated day where girls expect something mushy from their guys and the guys just participate because society tells them they have to. Am I right?!

I want my man to know how much I love him every single day and it doesn’t take a special day for me to communicate that to him. We love getting each other unexpected gifts on random days and doing date nights in the middle of the week.  But, you know what? We like to make V-day a day for a more creative style date night experience. This is a chance to do something out of the ordinary, to change it up and be creative. For us, it’s all about making new memories and celebrating the old ones from when we first started dating.

Now for the gifts. This is where I always draw a blank. It’s so cliche to get chocolate and roses. (Although, I’ll never turn down chocolate!) And ladies, what in the world do you buy a man on V-Day???? I’m pretty sure that my man would laugh and give me one of those half smiles if I presented him a stuffed bear and chocolate. Haha! I like to think outside of the box and get something that reminds my man how special he is day after day. And that’s not something you can pickup at the grocery store on your way home.  Am I right??

So, for those of you that are stumped and need some creative ideas for your V-Day, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a perfect gift idea and some creative date nights I thought of just for you!

A timeless V-Day gift:

  1. A JORD wood watch. What is more romantic than showing how your time is and always will be his/hers with a new watch? Every time he/she looks down and sees it they’ll remember you. I am so in-love with my #woodwatch . JORD offers some beautiful wood watches for both men and women and if you want to get a head start on this V-day thing, why not get one now? Oh and I can’t forget to mention that you can engrave them with something sweet! (Melt me!)Jord WatchesJord Watches
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Date Night Ideas:

  1. Take a cooking class together. There’s something about an apron and some yummy spaghetti sauce that really makes the night one to remember. Enjoy each other’s company while making a delicious dinner together.
  2. Be a tourist in your own city.  This one is probably my favorite.  I love to be spontaneous and drive around the city finding new restaurants we’ve never tried and exploring the little shops that are popping up all around us. A couple that explores together stays together.
  3. Tackle a bucket list item together.  What better way to make your V-day memorable than to spend it experiencing something you will never forget. And if you ask me, I think it would be so romantic if my man thought of marking something off of my bucket list. How sweet and thoughtful!
  4. Listen to live music. I would take this date night ANYTIME. Going to a local concert or live music night and getting to know someone better is my idea of a great date. The music just makes everything easier and puts us all in great mood. Just make sure he/she enjoys the genre. 🙂
  5. Go on your second 1st date. It never fails, when my husband and I pass by our 1st date restaurant or have a date night there we always reminisce about how our relationship began. It brings back that young love feeling inside of us. Replay the night you first met or your first date for old times sake.

So cheers to Valentines day folks! Let’s make this one the one they’ll never forget.