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NEW! Men’s Giorgio Armani | Acqua Di Gio

This post is sponsored by Influenster and Giorgio Armani and product was provided complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

I’ve never been one good at finding the perfect seasonal perfumes or colognes. I usually stumble upon one that I really like and just stick with it ….well er….until I stumble upon another. I have this same mentality when finding the perfect scent for my husband too! We usually just buy the same cologne and perfume over and over.

Maybe that’s just my picky side rearing it’s head. Colognes can be overpowering or in my case, can put me in weird moods. I have this one scent that was given to me as a gift and at first it was nice, but now when I wear it I can’t wait to change my clothes to get the smell off of me. Do you ever do that? Yuck! I’ll save you from my full dreaded story about trying to find a new perfume at Christmas, but I literally smelled 60 different scents and didn’t like not ONE!

I’ve noticed that my most favorite male and female scents tend to be those with a soft, light and fresh smell. They don’t overpower my nose and it’s just enough for any occasion. Yes, please! I’ve decided that I prefer these scents because it reminds me of the summer beach air all year around. I can’t complain about that!

I’ve partnered with Giorgio Armani to introduce you to their newest men’s cologne, Acqua Di Gio! OMG, can I just say…I might have a new favorite for my husband! (all the heart eyes) It smells like a mix of soft, fresh marine summer and warm cedar. That description doesn’t do it justice. You’ve got to get to the store and smell for yourself.

For those of you looking for Father’s Day gifts, this is for you!

Now that I’ve got my husband this new “summer” cologne the beach is calling our names!! We usually book our vacations in October to somewhere tropical where it’s warm all year around. This year – we are headed to Jamaica!! Woohoo!

My Giorgio Armani man is going to be the best smelling man on that island in October!