2016 Summer Goals

Hello, Summertime!

Here in Arkansas it is already blazing hot and I feel like Summer just started! Every season I make a list of fun activities to keep us busy. This way, there is no complaining about being bored! (ain’t nobody got time for that) Summer to-do lists are my all-time favorite to create. The possibilities are endless. Here are my top hits for Summer 2016.

  1. Eat Lots of Fresh Fruits & Veggies – we have a sweet little Farmers Market every Saturday morning that I want to explore more. #1 because of their flowers…they are soo pretty! #2 because of all of the local produce. Every time I have ever been I just walk around and look at all the fruits and veggies, but never buy anything. Maybe I am just in awe of the bright colors and people around me that I can’t focus on grabbing some for myself. Therefore, my #1 goal this summer is to eat healthier by filling my day with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Run. Run. Run.- I love running and over the last year, I have gotten my fiance hooked on running too! (he makes a great accountability partner) BUT, in the summer it can be so hard to make yourself get outside and sweat. I am making it my personal goal to run more this summer than I ever have before. Besides, it can only help us maintain those wedding bods we so badly want.
  3. Drive-In Movie – I have lived in this area going on 7 years and I have yet to visit our local drive-in movie! (I know) It looks so fun and what a great date night, right? This is the year for the drive-in movie.
  4. Kayaking – this has been one of the sports that I have always wanted to dip in. Kayaking looks incredibly fun and you can get a great tan AND workout while doing it! This summer we are going to rent and potentially buy a Kayak for some cheap entertainment this summer. Any tips for a newbie?
  5. Snow Cones x 25 – so we had our 1st snow cone of the summer this week and I wondered…why don’t they have snow cones year around?? Am I the only one that craves cold treats in the winter? Since we can only get snow cones in the summer it is my goal to consume as many snow cones as possible. (let’s be honest, its probably going to be more than 25)
  6. Summer Concert – I can’t get enough of summer concerts. I love singing my heart out with a bunch of strangers, with a cold margarita in-hand and honey by my side during the dead heat of the summer. Luckily, this might just be the first thing checked off on the list! My sweetie surprised me with Chris Stapleton tickets this week. (he knows the way to my heart)
  7. Redo the Piano – We bought a real piano at a thrift store (that’s right, you read it correctly – from a thrift store) earlier this year and I am dying to get to work on it. The tricky thing is, that baby is SO heavy. I need a master plan to get it from our dinning room to the garage for some TLC without breaking anyone’s back. I have this sweet little vision for this piano that I cannot get out of my head. I promise to post before and after pics.

And that’s it – that’s my quick little list of to-dos for this summer. Of course there are going to be others, but if I can mark these off the list then I will call the Summer of 2016 a success! What’s on your summer list?? Please share!!