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Tis’ the season for traveling and that extra yummy spread on the dinning table. During the holiday’s we are on a non-stop road trip from one side of the state to the other to stuff our faces, nap, visit with family and then back again, it seems two weeks later. Can you relate? I feel we spend so much time in the car and on the couch during the holidays and it totally throws us off of our healthy routines. And for me, my workout is the first thing to go out the window during this time.

I decided this year, in efforts to save what we’ve been working so hard for all year long, I was going to take one of our favorite workout games on the road with us. We call it, ‘Hit the Deck’. This workout can be done no matter where you go and makes it super easy to get in a full body workout while away from home and the gym! Let me share with you how this little game works.

All you need is a deck of playing cards.


How to Play: 

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards really well.
  2. Determine what move each suite stands for. Here’s how we like it: Diamonds = Situps, Clubs = Squats, Spades = Pushups, Hearts = Burpees. (You can assign any move to suite your workout needs; Replacements could be jumping jacks or jump squats or even shuffles from side to side.)
  3. Flip one card over at a time and do the move in which the suite stands for. The number on the card will determine how many times you have to do it. So for example, if you turned over the 2 of diamonds, you would need to do 2 sit ups. **Face cards = 10**
  4. Continue through the entire deck until you are done. For those advanced folks out there, time yourself and make it a goal to decrease the amount of time it takes to finish the whole deck each time you play. Beginners, take it slow or split the deck in half the first few times.

This little card workout will help you stay active while traveling to and from over the holidays. The kids might think it’s fun too! Now, grab your deck of cards and have an active holiday with your family!

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