Volition Beauty on Sephora.com Launches

Sephora.com Welcomes Volition Beauty

This post is sponsored by Volition Beauty, but all opinions are my own.

Sephora.com just welcomed a new brand this week that is going to be a game changer for all beauty lovers out there. Introducing, Volition Beauty! (champagne bottles popping’!)

Sephora welcomes Volition Beauty

Volition Beauty has stepped into the beauty scene in a major way that will change the way we see and use beauty products in the future. In fact, you, yourself have the power and voice to get the products you want and need. Volition Beauty is opening their doors to the world, allowing you to submit your own ideas to their team to have those products developed! Say what??

So here’s how it works. You have a beauty need, but there are no products out there that are cut out to solve your problem, but you have an idea…you take your idea to Volition, they test it and if it’s valid and doable, it’s developed! Um, heck yea! (**your idea must be brand new, not copying any other product in the market and must be aligned with the Volition brand) Better yet, if your product is brought to life, you get a percent of sales. ¬†(screams of excitement!)

I know…the wheels are turning!! I feel incredibly honored to be one of the first to test out a few of their products during the official launch! Thank you, Volition Beauty! Take a look!

Volition Beauty Launch at Sephora.com Volition Beauty Launch at Sephora.com

Helix AM/PM Eye Gell // By Lindsey // 

Lindsey is a makeup artist and is always looking to find ways to help her clients keep their eyes looking young, but never could find the perfect product. She shared her idea with Volition Beauty, their labs brought her idea to live and now thousands of people have the chance to vote on this product!

Sephora launches Volition Beauty eye gel

This is gel solution helps rehydrates and blur those fine lines and wrinkles. It’s made versatile so that it can be used as an AM/PM solution OR be worn all day! (Score!) This little jar of magic is packed full of short term AND long term benefits. It serves as a primer, but also acts like an anti-aging treatment. This is perfect for de-puffing your eyes!

Oil-Control Mattifying Mist // By Alice //

Alice is a fitness guru that struggled with postpartum depression and fitness pulled her out of the darkness. She is a busy mom and blogger and her life is constantly moving so she created a product that moves with her. She shared her idea with Volition, their labs team tested and approved! Welcome Oil-Control Mattifying Mist!

Sephora launches Volition Beauty oil-control mist

This mist is a quick oil-control fix that can assist you from the gym to the office and a night out! It’s made to work with your busy schedule. Its a time-saving mist that helps reduce unwanted shine and oil while providing a flawless finish…all in one bottle!

Turmeric Brightening Polish // By Anuradha //

Anuradha looks to her own culture for inspiration and being from India, Turmeric is nothing new! Turmeric has been used for centuries to soften and instantly brighten skin. It’s an old spice that we still use today for cooking, but now in our beauty products! Anuradha pitched her idea to Volition, their labs team tested it and now here we are! Introducing Turmeric Brightening Polish!

Sephora launches Volition Beauty turmeric brightening gel

Turmeric is celebrated as a skin-enhancing treatment and has been apart of the Indian women’s beauty regimen for thousands of years. Now it’s changing the way we get smoother, softer, glowing skin around the world. It’s a scrub that can be used on your entire body. It ¬†contains sandalwood for toning and olive oil for extra hydration.

There you have it! A sneak peak as to what their collection offers. I must say, I’m pretty impressed!

Volition Beauty launches at Sephora.com

You can find all of these products and more at Sephora.com! Thank you again, Volition Beauty for sharing your products here on the blog alongside other beauty lovers first!

Cheers to revolutionizing the beauty world as we know it!

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