Moving in your 20s…again.

Being in your twenties is hard work…should it be? No one will ever know. As I sit and stare at the cardboard boxes in my living room I think to myself, am I moving to fast?

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Many great dinners and conversations on this rooftop with my Tulsa friends.

This month will mark my 5th move in 4 years. That includes some moving during college as well. After graduation in December of 2012, I packed up my “life” and moved to Tulsa to pursue my career in Advertising. After 6 months I quickly realized that although I still enjoyed my career choice, I needed to get back to a passion of mine that truly fulfilled me, retail marketing. So here I am…moving. Again. Watch out Arkansas, I’m coming back.

Arkansas is truly a place I call “home.” I grew up in a small country town in Central Arkansas and continued my journey after moving to Northwest Arkansas for college. I love everything about the state. The outdoors, the people, the opportunities, the community…I could go on and on. With that said, I am very thrilled to get to go back to my college home town.  Since moving to Tulsa I have in fact realized a few things about myself. I have grown and discovered what I want in life. It has given me a chance to venture out on my own to experience the world in a different light. And that I did.

Tulsa gave me a new passion and joy for life and others. I have met people along the way that I can honestly say have become some of my best friends. They opened their arms and hearts to me and made me feel like I was apart of their lives in a big way. I fell in love with not only my new church, but God. I am so thankful for the people God has given me during this season of my life. A new light has been shed on God’s mission for my life. And I believe this is just another step in his big plan.

With that said, moving is still dreadful. After making this sweet little Tulsa apartment a place that I call “home” it makes me sad to take the decor off of the walls and pack my belongings into bags and boxes once again. There has got to be an easier way. I need some help when it comes to being organized and efficient when packing. Not to mention, saying goodbye to some great people. I know its not forever, but I will miss them dearly.

Even though I am moving to the next season in my life I need a constant reminder that I am ONLY in my twenties!!! I have a lot of life to live and I want other people to experience the adventure with me! So, whether you are in your 20s or not, let me share with you a few things that you should accomplish!

1. Be You.

You can never be anyone else. Be the best you, you can be! Take time to figure out who you are and what you want in life! Make some personal goals for yourself and set out to accomplish them. Trust me, you learn so much about yourself along the way.

2. Be a thrill seeker.

Being young gives you the authority to do some risky things. Now when I say “risky” don’t go get yourself in trouble. Find something that pushes your boundaries. Pick up an adventurous hobby or take a leap of faith on something. I have been making a “life list” for a long time now and I can honestly say that I have crossed off more things since I have been in my 20s. That counts for something right?

3. Struggle.

Hard times brings out the good in people. I have struggled in so many different ways throughout my life and each have taught me a very valuable lesson. Push through the hard times and don’t let failures get in your way or even define you. Do not dwell on the struggles, but take them and keep moving forward.

4. Be on the go.

Make sure you are continually finding new things that excite you. Do not get stuck in a rut of life or a lifestyle. It is important to keep trying to better yourself and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

5. Be with your family.

Your parents and family are your support system. They will love you when others don’t. They will pick you up from the lowest bottom and bring you back to where you need to be. They are advice givers. Wise and smart. Trust them and love them forever. I cherish my family in more ways than I can possibly imagine. They have stuck by my side through the thick and the thin. Spend time with them while you can.

6. Open your eyes and close your mouth.

Go out and meet new people. Learn about others. And learn to love yourself. Listen to other’s stories and opinions. Get to know people on a deeper level. People are interesting!

7. Get involved.

Now is the time to start giving back and being apart of your community. It is so important to serve and become a source for helping others. This is one of my favorite things to do when I am given the opportunity. Volunteer it makes the heart grow and become soft for others.

8. Find a new hobby.

I love learning new skills. As a competitive person, I enjoy mastering new skills. Now is the time to pick up that sport you have always wanted to do and give it your best shot!

Above all keep pushing forward. Keep living life to the fullest. What ever and where ever life may take you keep your eyes open and make your time worth while.

Now back to that packing…I can not wait to see what Arkansas has in store for me! Wish me well!

xoxo Candace

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