My Life List

My Life List is more than a bucket list. It contains ideas, dreams and maybe a few things that I will never accomplish. It is my little reminder to live life to the fullest everyday. My goal is to do something for the first time wherever I go, inspire others and leave a legacy. Take a look at my list (in no particular order). What are some of your dreams? Are you exploring and experiencing all this world has to offer?

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  1. Take a spontaneous trip
  2. Run a 5K
  3. Play beach volleyball
  4. Learn to line dance
  5. Run a 10K
  6. Go to a pro baseball game
  7. Buy a road bike
  8. Go to Hollywood
  9. Attend a high school reunion
  10. Help design a piece of fashion
  11. Start a blog
  12. Win on a lottery ticket
  13. Host a holiday party
  14. Have brunch and mimosas with a friend
  15. Try wakeboarding
  16. Be featured on a blog
  17. Go on a girls trip with my mom
  18. Attend a concert
  19. Run a 10K
  20. Be kissed in Times Square on New Years
  21. See a Broadway play
  22. Go see a Miss America Pageant
  23. Have a paint war
  24. Become fitness certified
  25. Attend a hot yoga class
  26. Be an officer of an organization
  27. See the White House in person
  28. Re-do a piece of antique furniture
  29. Be apart of a viral YouTube video
  30. Run a marathon
  31. Get a massage in a hut on the beach
  32. Learn to play the piano again
  33. Pose in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater
  34. Go on a cruise
  35. Go parasailing
  36. Attend the Country Music Awards
  37. Go to a drive-in movie
  38. Go skinny dipping
  39. Call the Hogs
  40. Give a toast
  41. Crash a wedding
  42. Be an extra in a movie
  43. Play capture the flag
  44. Watch the sunrise with a friend
  45. Ride a horse on the beach
  46. See the Northern Lights
  47. Go deep sea fishing
  48. Take a photo at the 4 corners
  49. Walk in the rain
  50. Fly 1st class
  51. Visit all 50 states
  52. Have my name on the University of Arkansas sidewalk
  53. Have a singalong with strangers
  54. Plan my dream wedding
  55. Ride an elephant
  56. Pay off all my college debt
  57. Have my own office at work
  58. Walk on the Wall of China
  59. Own a real diamond
  60. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  61. Do a 360 on the kneeboard
  62. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  63. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  64. Become Lifeguard certified
  65. Own my own business
  66. Give to charity
  67. Meet the President
  68. Hold a monkey
  69. Train for a triathlon
  70. Visit the Today Show
  71. See the Eiffel Tower in person
  72. Make something for a bake sale
  73. Bet on a horse at Oaklawn
  74. Make my mother a grandmother
  75. Buy a new car
  76. Attend a fashion show
  77. Build my dream house
  78. Ride the subway
  79. Visit Ground Zero
  80. Attend an Olympic event
  81. Pull an “all nighter” for a project
  82. Go on a mission trip
  83. Visit another country
  84. Get a job promotion
  85. Get drunk
  86. Learn how to sail
  87. See the Rockettes live with my mom
  88. Ride on a train
  89. Be the Maid of Honor
  90. Flag a cab
  91. Fall asleep in the library reading 
  92. Own a boat
  93. Have dinner on a boat
  94. Sponsor a child on the Angel Tree
  95. Make a hole in one 
  96. Build and fly a kite
  97. Own a dog
  98. Publish an article in a magazine
  99. Try sushi
  100. Cook dinner for my parents
  101. Do sunrise yoga on a cliff
  102. Ride in a hot air balloon
  103. Attend a ballet
  104. Be in a commercial
  105. Hike a famous mountain
  106. Speak at a conference
  107. Have a picnic at Old Main lawn
  108. Learn to play golf
  109. Paint a cooler
  110. Take a tennis lesson
  111. Walk on the Razorback football field
  112. Twirl fire batons
  113. Catch a taxi
  114. Live in another city
  115. Learn a song on the guitar
  116. Unplug for a weekend
  117. Go sight seeing on a scooter
  118. Ride a roller coaster with my hands up
  119. Go to Disney World
  120. Snorkel off of a tropical island
  121. Island camp
  122. Go on a float trip
  123. Own a piece of animal print furniture
  124. Help coordinate a fashion show
  125. Learn how to speak a little French
  126. Take someone’s senior pictures
  127. Judge a pageant
  128. Start a tradition
  129. Cook every recipe from my Grandma’s cookbook
  130. Add a lock to Lover’s Bridge in Paris
  131. Try Irish Coffee
  132. Yell a secret into Niagara Falls
  133. Tour Europe
  134. Help someone complete something off their list
  135. Go zip lining  
  136. Be apart of a studio audience
  137. Take a gardening class
  138. Ride a ferry across the ocean
  139. Write my love story
  140. Shoot a gun
  141. Write a thank you letter everyday for a year
  142. Find a shark’s tooth
  143. Go to a wine tasting
  144. Ride an electric bull
  145. Eat at In-N-Out Burger

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