Inside the Mysterious Purse

I have always been a fan of over-sized purses and bags, but often times I found myself lugging around unnecessary things.  This made my purse really heavy and kind of a pain to carry around. So how do I fix the problem? Dump it all out.

So you may be curious as to what is inside my purse. Well, its contents really shows a lot about who I am. Take a look at my “necessities.”


Wallet – Gotta have it! I really like my red studded wallet. I bought it at a second hand boutique while in college. It is made of a really soft leather and is the perfect size. Plus it is stylish if I decide to just carry it by itself.

Journal & Pen – This is more than just a journal. It contains my thoughts, scribbles, quotes, prayers and tons of other random things. I actually made this about a year ago. I bought a standard brown notebook and painted and studded it with pearls, rhinestones and a flower. I love it! I carry this with me because I am constantly finding myself hearing or seeing something that interests me and I just want to write it down to go back to later.

External hard drive – My hard drive literally has my life on it! School work, papers, resume reels, other resumes, job resources, videos, photos. It helps me feel prepared for whatever might come up!

Headphones – I am not usually one to use headphones everywhere I go, but it always seems like I don’t have a pair when I really want them. So…I keep’em in my purse! I normally only need them when at work or out for a run.

Thank you cards – Giving thank you cards is a great way to show a little appreciation when someone least suspects it. I always keep them handy. Plus…I love getting little things like that!

Jewelry – My big rings usually end up in my purse by the end of the day. Just one of those random things you will most likely find.

Perfume roller – Never know when you might need a little freshening up during the day or on the go! The roller is so much easier to carry around than the whole bottle. This little pink perfume roller is from Express and it smells oh so good! I also have another tiny perfume sample…idk where I picked that one up from.

Makeup – I am a lip gloss lover! I have more than too many. You will find some sort of lip product (gloss, lipstick, chap stick, balm) 100% of the time. It is just one of those essentials you do not want to get caught without. Chapped lips are no fun.

Mini nail files – I received this cute little box of mini nail files from Birchbox. They are really handy! Although I will confess I don’t really use them much. But…when I need one…Bam. I got it covered.

Arkansas Razorback Button – A true Razorback fan is always prepared to show some team spirit! I like to wear this button on game days…or any day I really feel like it. It is super cute! Go Hogs! Woo Pig Sooie!

What do you have in your purse? Anything interesting that we would never expect? (socks, broccoli, coffee mug, etc?)

xoxox – Candace