Guest Post: DIY Jewelry Shutters by: Gloria Trinidad

I though I would do something a little different this week so I asked one of my best friends to write a guest post about something she is interested in. Well, I should have known that it would be something crafty! You know those DIY projects you pin on Pinterest and never get around to doing them? This was one of those projects, but she did a beautiful job making this shutter special. Read more of Gloria’s post to see how to make this super cute DIY jewelry shutter then hop on over to her blog!

Gloria creative photo

Crafting is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. Who doesn’t love to be a little creative sometimes, right? So last week, I finally marked a craft off of my “summer crafting list” and transformed these plain ol’ shutters, added colorful knobs and made it into a fun, jewelry organizer!


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the transformation!

Things you’ll need:
1. Shutters: Find some old shutters either from a local antique/thrift store or perhaps you have something already stored away.
2. Knobs: You’ll need a handful of knobs (about 8-10) depending on the size of your shutter. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby but there are endless places where you can find some.
3. Drill: Lastly, you will need a drill. I will admit that I asked my Dad for some assistance on this part! 🙂

Quick steps:
1. First step is to ensure the shutters are in the condition you want them to be. I decided not to paint mine and left them as they were. But you can certainly paint them a different shade, distress and give them a more vintage look, etc.


2. Once your shutters are ready to go, gather your knobs and figure out where you want them placed.

3. Finally, drill holes and add in your knobs!


So there you have it. A fun, super easy & Pinterest inspired craft complete!