DIY Milk Paint Dresser

DIY Milk Paint Before and After Dresser

About a year and a half ago, my mom and I brought our dream of owning a little furniture/home decor shop to life when we opened Marga Jeans in Northwest Arkansas. To give you a little background on the name, Marga Jean is my grandmothers name and she is the sole reason my mother is a “junker” at heart. And I shamelessly admit that the two of them are the direct reason I am the way I am today – a junk lover.

Jun-k-er: a person who loves, collects and sells so called “junk”

Mjs Grand Opening Photos

Now – the only bad thing about being a “junker” is that you just don’t know when to stop. Seriously, we will yard sale till we drop, hit up every flea market we see and never pass up a good deal on a piece that might just need some TLC. There is a running joke that my grandmother would not only squeal her breaks in order to make a turn for a yard sale, but she also had to buy SOMETHING at every single one. (Still makes me laugh 🙂 )

My latest search has been for a dresser. I love a good piece that has lots of character and detail. I thought I would share the most recent project I just finished last week. Here’s a look at the before photo.

Before Dresser Edit

This is an old antique dresser that was passed down to me and I have kept for years. If anyone knows what era this is from please let me know! I used a General Finishes Antique White “Milk Paint” to transform it. This is one of my favorite paints. (disclosure: I was not compensated or given free product for this post – I just really love the paint). General Finishes is not a true “Milk Paint” as it already comes mixed and ready to use, but the coverage it provides is amazing and it dries fast and smooth.

Here is the after photo. I put on about 3 coats of paint, let dry, sealed with a putty wax and reattached the original hardware. And it looks completely different! One tip I live by when redoing furniture is to try not to be perfect. I think the end results come out so much better when I am not worried about being perfect, plus I usually rough them up a little to give it more of and antique cottage feel.

After Dresser Edit

The true hard part is deciding which completed projects to sell in the shop or keep for myself in my own home! What do you think?

Before and After

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8 thoughts on “DIY Milk Paint Dresser”

  1. What a difference! My mom always went to antique shops to pick up old furniture to restore. I love anything that’s been painted with Milk Paint, especially vases.

    1. Oh vases are so fun to paint! I am currently in love with Milk Vases and did you know that there is a milk paint spray paint out there now?!? Maybe that will be another project for the blog!!

  2. Wow! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. It would be so fun if I could make a living of flipping crappy yard sale furniture. That’s what my mom and I are – yard sale fanatics haha! Great job…loving your posts! You and your mom are adorable 🙂

    1. Awe thank you!! Yes making a living redoing furniture would seriously be a dream come true! I love doing it as a hobby/side job right now! This milk paint is cake! Anyone can do it that’s why it’s so popular! You should give it a try!

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