DIY 4th of July Shorts

Hi Lovelies,

My most favorite holiday is right. around. the. corner! 4th of July! I cannot wait. Every year my family and friends get together to grill out and enjoy the fireworks from the lake. This year is no exception.

I’ve been seeing the cutest red white and blue shorts and I think this is the perfect time to make a pair of our own!

What you will need: 

1. Denim Shorts

2. Red, white and blue textile dye

3. Brushes / Pencils

4. Ruler & Pen

5. Star template

What to do:

Lay your shorts on a flat surface and then start by using the star template to draw the stars on the left side. Try to make the distance between the stars the same.

Next, after all the stars are drawn, fill in the stars with your white textile dye. You may have to do a couple of coats for them to stand out.

After all of the stars are painted white you can start on the right side. Using your ruler draw lines on the shorts, they can be vertical or horizontal. Then you can paint the strips red and white.

Going back to your left side. After the stars have dried, you can then paint the area around them blue.

Let all the paint dry completely before wearing.

Then you are done! USA!

Approximate time: 4 hours