Creative Ways to Keep Moving in the Winter


Confession time. I don’t like winter and winter doesn’t like me. I am a summertime, getup and go, iced tea on the front porch kind of girl and this winter thing has me like – Burr. Nope. Too cold. Pull the covers back over my head.

I struggle to get out of bed in the Winter and it totally throws off my morning person routine. I guess it’s true, you really can get the winter blues.  So, I’m sharing with you my little tips to keep your body moving this winter and getting in your steps every single day! Grab your coat!

Here are some creative ways to keep you moving this winter:

  1. Skip eating at your desk
  2. Take the stairs every chance you get
  3. No sitting phone calls
  4. Bundle up and go on an after dinner stroll
  5. Park in the back of the lot (don’t forget your scarf!)
  6. Take the pup on a walk
  7. Drink more water (giving you that “gotta go” feeling all day)
  8. Mix up your routine at the grocery store
  9. Set a reminder alarm to get up and move
  10. Walk to a coworkers desk rather an sending an email

What other ways to you stay active during the winter? Put your ideas in the comments below!

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