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The Right Way To Pack A Suitcase

I’ve got summer vacay brain…like really bad. All I want to do is pack up and run away to an island, lay in a hammock and read a good book. Who’s with me??

A fun fact about me is that I love packing. Like if I could be a professional suitcase packer I’d be in heaven. Weird, I know. Picturing me folding and stuffing suitcases with people’s things is kind of funny! Despite loving to pack….I loath unpacking. That feeling you get after a trip…having to wash clothes and get back to the daily grind is just no fun. But let’s not talk about that part, let’s focus on the FUN part! Packing that suitcase!

I’m sharing with you a few quick tips I’ve learned over the years about how to successfully pack a suitcase. I’ve gone from one extreme to the other when it comes to over and under packing. I’ve crammed a suitcase so full it’d break your arm to lift it…but it zipped! (haha 馃檪 ) I’ve also vowed to myself that I would only pack the essentials and then get to my destination and wish I had that 1 thing I didn’t pack. That’s just plain frustrating, am I right?!

So, let me help you find your happy medium and pack everything you may need to fit in 1 suitcase. Yes, just one because who actually enjoys checking a bag? Not this girl.

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Living for Saturdays

I love Saturday mornings. I love the sun beaming through the window and the idea of abandoning all of our weekday routines for more adventure.  I turn off my work emails and put all the to-do lists aside. I do more dreaming and exploring. I simply live for Saturdays.

We got lucky last Saturday with some amazing weather in the middle of January and we seized the opportunity to get in the car and explore. One of my most loved things about living in the northwest part of Arkansas is that my local bucket list is just overflowing with places to see and they are all within a day’s drive.

I grabbed our backpack, water bottles and put on my usual Saturday attire – workout pants, of course – and we headed out to one of the most beautiful trials in the state, Centerpoint to Goat Trail in Ponca, AR.

Every single time we set out for on a new hike, we are never disappointed. This state’s natural beauty is breathtaking. We knew we were in for the long haul on this one with a 1.5 hour drive to the trail head and a 3.5 mile walk to the view, but without hesitation we trekked on.

The hike began pretty easy as expected, after reading the reviews. It was a downhill, rocky hike with a little mud in places until we reached the bluffs. The bluffs lead us through it’s bending trees that grew on the side of the mountain. These trees were so neat the way they twisted and bent around the bluff. It was like walking through a fairy tale of sorts.

Once out of the trees, it opened up. The edge of the bluff led us along the entire side of the mountain overlooking a beautiful blue-green river. We walked the side of the bluff and exploring the little cave-like overlooks and even meeting a few campers who had stayed overnight. After taking in the view and of course grabbing a few photos, we headed back down.

Well sorta “down”. Oddly enough our 3.5 mile hike to the view was all downhill and now we had to hike back UP 3.5 miles to get back. Whew! That view and the full 7 mile trekk was more than worth it. It was everything we had hoped for our Saturday adventure.


This is what Saturdays were all about for us. The views, the irreplaceable experiences and the exploration of this beautiful earth that God gave us. If anything, I encourage you to make a local bucket list of your own. Our very own backyards are crawling with spectacular places and experiences just waiting on us to arrive.

Wanna visit Centerpoint at Goat Trail? All the details are here!

Where will you go next?! Tell me where your latest adventure led you to!

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Meeting the Pioneer Woman


For those of you that don’t know me well, I am about 98% type A. I love a good plan, I thrive on knowing ALL the details and when it comes to traveling, there’s always going to be an itinerary. BUT, let me tell you, the 2% of non-type A in me is a lot of fun and spontaneous. 馃檪

A few weeks ago, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to the small farm town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma to visit the Pioneer Woman’s new restaurant and shop, The Mercantile (they call it the ‘Merc’ for short). It was an easy 3 hour drive from Northwest Arkansas so we packed some snacks and the camera and off we went!

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Mayan Culture Adventure

Jungle in Mexico
Jungle in Mexico

Now that we are married and back to normal life, I am finally able to share with you our adventurous excursion in the Mayan village while in Mexico on our honeymoon.

We were so excited to explore Mexico in our one short week we had on our honeymoon, so we went on an excursion to learn about the historic Mayan culture and get outside of our resort for a bit. Camera in-hand and backpack loaded up, we were ready for a full day of adventure and that’s exactly what we got!

The excursion started early at 8 am. We loaded up on a bus and off we went. There were a few other groups with us on the tour. A family of 5, a family of 4, another newlywed couple and us. The bus filled quickly and J and I had to sit up front with the guide. (The best seat on the bus if you ask me!) We had a front row view of everything! Continue reading Mayan Culture Adventure

Mini Getaway at Big Cedar Lodge


Week after week we are stuck in our same ole’ routines. Wake up, work, dinner, sleep, repeat. Ok…there is a little more laughter and food in that routine 馃檪 , but you get the picture. We just don’t hardly get to relax and enjoy life outside of work聽mid-week. Can you relate? Well grab yourself a fuzzy blanket and a cup of coffee because I am sharing our mini mid-week getaway with you right now!

Picture this, its early morning, you open the drapes to a beautiful foggy view of the Fall foliage overlooking a lake. You grab your warm cup of coffee and step out on the balcony to take in the crisp morning air. Room service delivers a warm cinnamon roll and you eat your breakfast in a聽rocking chair while curled up in a fuzzy blanket on the balcony. 聽Do you feel relaxed yet? Ahhhh.


We spent a few days working at the Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri and it was refreshing to say the least. This little piece of the South is too close not to visit more often!

The views are spectacular, the rooms are cozy and the entire lodge is beautiful!聽We arrived at the lodge and it was like a southern paradise. My favorite part was that we had gotten there聽just in time to see the beginnings of their Christmas decor setup. Talk about extravagant and stunning. Continue reading Mini Getaway at Big Cedar Lodge

Honeymoon Resort Review: Barcel贸 Maya Palace | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico Beach

We got married!!!

For many聽of you married folks out there, I’m sure you can relate to our wedding planning madness. We had almost a full year of wedding planning. What a whirlwind the past few weeks were聽leading up our wedding day. Looking back it was all such a blur, but one thing I do know is that it was everything we wanted and we had the time of our lives! We left our fairy tale venue that night in route for the beaches of Mexico. 聽Don’t worry, pictures and a recap of all the wedding details are coming!

We were both beyond excited to venture out of the states to explore new culture, new food and new adventures. In fact, this was the first time either of us had ever been out of the U.S.!

Now, because you asked for it, here is our review on our honeymoon resort: Barcel贸 Maya Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Barcel贸 Maya Palace
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