Big Hair Alert!!

living-proof-dry-volume-blastDisclaimer:  “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Growing up in the pageant world has my scale of daily hair goals set pretty high. And by high, I mean…the higher the hair, the closer to God you are.  Here in the south, we like big volume and a whole lotta tease.

Now, I’ve been out of pageants for many years now, but I can confidently say that my teased up hair will be around for the rest of my days. You wanna know why? Because nobody likes dull, flat hair, that’s why!

Today I am sharing one of my new secret hair weapons with you that wasn’t around in my pageant days – and I sure wish it was. I’ve teamed up with Living Proof and Influenster to showcase a new product called “Dry Volume Blast”.

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast available at Sephora!
Living Proof Dry Volume Blast available at Sephora!

This bottle of hair heaven is a volume and texture spray that lasts for days and helps me reduce the amount of teasing I do to my hair. (That’s something to celebrate) I like to think that it get’s better as the days go by.  Check out my results!

Before Volume Blast
Before Volume Blast
Living Proof Volume Spray
Living Proof Volume Spray
After Volume Blast
After Volume Blast

So here’s what I love about it: 

  • It’s lightweight on your hair
  • It doesn’t make your hair look or feel greasy
  • It doesn’t leave a residue so it’s great for any hair color
  • It smells out of this world!
  • It doesn’t dry out my scalp like other powder based products

How is it used? 

1. Shake up the bottle before each spray

2. Section out your hair and spray directly on the roots

3. Tousle your hair with your fingers

4. Boom! Big Hair!

You can find this product along with Living Proof’s full hair line at your local Sephora! Cheers to big hair!

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