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6 Habits Of A Happy Millennial

Hey You! (yea, you 20-something!)

Can we get real with each other today? I want to talk about happiness and why it doesn’t always seem to show through in our lives each and every day.

Have you ever gotten stuck behind one of those loud, gross, super slow dump trucks when you are trying to get somewhere fast? Um, annoying, right? It’s even more annoying when everyone behind you is slipping past the truck so fast you don’t even have a chance to squeeze in line with them. Ugh.

Sometimes I feel like life can be just like being behind the slowest dump truck ever.  We are all trying to reach certain goals or life milestones and it never fails, something gets in our way or steals our happiness. This slows us down and its just plain frustrating. That might look like a crappy job or maybe a bad habit.

Have you ever wondered if that bump in the road was all in God’s grand plan? That it was supposed to be apart of the adventure? A teaching moment? A sign to actually slow down?

Let me reassure you are not alone in those moments of being stuck and feeling unhappy. We are all dealing with something, but you know what? There’s hope. God promises to pull us through to the end.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had my fair share of “blah” moments. Its normal to go through those seasons, but it’s also important to identify why you are walking down that path and how to work yourself out of the rut. So, I’ve done some soul searching to identify some ways to keep our spirits up in those times when we are in that weird unhappy, blah mood. (thank goodness, there’s hope) Here are 6 habits we can take on to be happier.

Set Realistic Goals // Don’t set goals that aren’t attainable. I’m a very goal-oreitned person and when I set goals for myself that are too much for my stage in life, it leaves me feeling like a failure and unaccomplished. Start with smaller goals that you know are achievable and work your way up to larger ones. My favorite habit for goal setting is making a simple to-do list each week or month. It helps keep me focused and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I check off those little boxes.

Forget The Arrival // You know those times when you say…”if I could only get a raise I’d be happy” or “if I only had that job I’d make it”…that’s called the “arrival fallacy”. It’s when we believe that if we can reach or obtain a certain something we’d be happy.  In all reality, that’s false. It might make you happy in the moment, but it vanishes and you will inevidably move on to other things. This way of life is not sustainable, we have to live more in the moment and be grateful for what we have.

Live In The Moment // This is a hard one for me. I’m a future dreamer, getting stuck in that arrival fallacy way of life. Living in the moment is something a lot of us take for granted. I see this most when I look back on times when I’m freaking out about something and later realize that it was nothing at all. The key here is to try and find joy where you are in life, no matter what season. Take time to give gratitude. I am even challenging myself to start making weekly gratitude lists so that I can seek out joy and remind myself that everything is ok week after week.

Know Yourself // People that are confident in themselves know their strengths and weaknesses. They’ve embraced their flaws and are not worried about what other people think of them. Someone once said, “always strive to be the best version of yourself, because no one else can be you.” I’ve always kept that near to my heart and it rings true in so many scenarios.  Keep your eyes on yourself and what God has planned for your life, not what others think you should be doing.

Invest in Others // I’ve always been one of those in-the-shell type of people. I’m quiet, but polite. I don’t often come out of my shell to explore and invest in other people outside of my close friends. My challenge to you and to myself is to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Listen to their stories. You never know, you might meet a new friend or learn something new about yourself.

Give Back // Sharing your heart through giving is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring happiness into your life. I bet there is some stat out there that proves when we bring happiness to others, we in turn are happier. Try it!

You are always steps away from more happiness. It’s all about peeling away the layers society has put on us and staying true to ourselves. Follow your heart and everything else will fall into place …a happy place. 🙂

Do you have other ways of finding happiness for yourself? Maybe a personal day every month to find your center, a hobby or sport that gets you in your groove? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below.

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Summer’s Best Guilt-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicles

Two words…mint chocolate. Now you know the key to my heart. Give me chocolate and I’ll be your friend….give me MINT chocolate and I’ll be your best friend! But really.

I love a good mint chocolate dessert, especially when it has to do with something cold in the summer. (Yummy!) It’s already blazing hot here in Arkansas. It’s almost too hot to do anything outside for too long. So I’ve spent some time inside in the kitchen whipping up something special, I bring you my summer guilt-free mint chocolate chip popsicles. That’s right, guilt free…well for the most part. (wink wink!)


These bad boys are made of greek yogurt, pure vanilla, a little mint extract, and a dash of sugar. Not to mention they are incredibly easy to make!

Popsicles must be the going thing this summer because I visited about five different stores before finding popsicle molds. Like…what?! After scouring the town, I finally found these adorable Koji Ice Pop Molds at Target.


So, now that I have you drooling, let’s make some popsicles together! Continue reading Summer’s Best Guilt-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicles

15 Go-To Essentials for Your Summer Bag

It’s summer time and you know what happens during the summer around here? Adventure! You will hardly ever catch me at the house when the suns out, I’m always off exploring on my bike, trekking along on a hiking trail, playing a friendly game of racquetball or catching some sun by any body of water I can find! All of course, with my handsome husband and fun-loving pup!

Since we are always outdoors this time of year, packing the right essentials for the adventure is key. Am I right, or am I right?!

Today I’m sharing 15 favorite items for my summer bag that literally goes everywhere with me.

sweet-spots-go-to-summer-essentials Continue reading 15 Go-To Essentials for Your Summer Bag

The Right Way To Pack A Suitcase

I’ve got summer vacay brain…like really bad. All I want to do is pack up and run away to an island, lay in a hammock and read a good book. Who’s with me??

A fun fact about me is that I love packing. Like if I could be a professional suitcase packer I’d be in heaven. Weird, I know. Picturing me folding and stuffing suitcases with people’s things is kind of funny! Despite loving to pack….I loath unpacking. That feeling you get after a trip…having to wash clothes and get back to the daily grind is just no fun. But let’s not talk about that part, let’s focus on the FUN part! Packing that suitcase!

I’m sharing with you a few quick tips I’ve learned over the years about how to successfully pack a suitcase. I’ve gone from one extreme to the other when it comes to over and under packing. I’ve crammed a suitcase so full it’d break your arm to lift it…but it zipped! (haha 🙂 ) I’ve also vowed to myself that I would only pack the essentials and then get to my destination and wish I had that 1 thing I didn’t pack. That’s just plain frustrating, am I right?!

So, let me help you find your happy medium and pack everything you may need to fit in 1 suitcase. Yes, just one because who actually enjoys checking a bag? Not this girl.

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Explore Northwest Arkansas this Summer

This post is sponsored by FamilyLife NWA, but all opinions are my own. #ad #sponsored #NowYouKnowNWA

If you are anything like me, nothing ever get’s accomplished without a list, especially when it comes to exploring during the summer. I’ll get stuck in the same ole’ routine and before you know it…summer is long gone.

Over the past several years, I’ve created a summer bucket list to get the most adventure out of our summer days. This year is no different! In fact, since our big vacation is planned in the fall, we are making it a point to be tourists in our own northwest corner of Arkansas this summer.

What makes this local summer bucket list so much easier is the fact that our community has a hub at FamilyLife NWA where all things Northwest Arkansas is housed. (Um…what? Are you jealous?) Seriously though, if you want to try a new restaurant or know about the farmers markets…they’ve got you covered. I can’t imagine what fun things I’ve missed out on simply because I didn’t hear about it. Thanks to FamilyLife NWA, now we have a service to keep our NWA community in the know.

Back to the summer bucket list, here are the local adventures we plan to set out on over the next few months.

  1. Camping // Some of my all-time favorite childhood memories are from camping on the lakes in Arkansas with my family. This area has endless options for camping that are just beautiful. If you are looking to camp too, check out this list HERE.
  2. Kayaking // I tried kayaking for the first time last summer and really enjoyed it, but I want to do a full float trip in a kayak this year!
  3. Crystal Bridges Museum // This famous museum in our community brings us the most spectacular art installations and shows you can imagine. Now with the new children’s Amazeum, it draws an even bigger crowd. This summer they are showcasing the work of Dale Chiluly who is a glass sculptor. This is a must-see event! If you want to museum hop the summer, here’s a list just for you. 
  4. Farmers Market // The markets draw me in. If I could choose my favorite Saturday morning activity, it would be breakfast and a stroll through the farmers market. Great culture, produce, art and florals. Plus, who doesn’t love bringing home a fresh bouquet of flowers every weekend? Not to mention, we’ve got a ton of markets around here.  Find one near you here.
  5. Concert // Summer concerts are my jam. With the local Walmart AMP in our neck of the woods, we bring in some of the most famous musicians around the world to preform in our outdoor venue.
  6. Drive-In Movie // Do you feel like drive-in movies were a thing of the past? Think again! We’ve got one here in NWA! Out of the many years of living here, I’ve yet to catch an outdoor movie here.
  7. Run a 5K // Let’s be honest, it’s not a real summer if you don’t run at least one 5K…you know, just to say you still CAN. (haha!)
  8. Berry Picking // We have a berry farm here now! I can’t wait to go and pick some fresh berries from my very own hometown!
  9. Chunky Dunk // What’s a summer without ice cream, am I right?? This local food truck has the finest milk and cookies you could ever dream of.  What I am most excited about is that you can create your own ice cream sandwich made of homemade cookies.
  10. Find a waterfall // Living in the Ozarks has it’s perks. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the state. Over the last few summers, I’ve found some amazing overlooks and waterfalls the area has to offer. I can’t wait to set out this summer in search of my new favorite spot. If you are looking for some great hiking, check out this list of destinations HERE.

Head over to my Instagram page to follow me this summer as I mark off these summer bucket list dreams in our very own Northwest Arkansas! @Candablair

NEW! Men’s Giorgio Armani | Acqua Di Gio

This post is sponsored by Influenster and Giorgio Armani and product was provided complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

I’ve never been one good at finding the perfect seasonal perfumes or colognes. I usually stumble upon one that I really like and just stick with it ….well er….until I stumble upon another. I have this same mentality when finding the perfect scent for my husband too! We usually just buy the same cologne and perfume over and over.

Maybe that’s just my picky side rearing it’s head. Colognes can be overpowering or in my case, can put me in weird moods. I have this one scent that was given to me as a gift and at first it was nice, but now when I wear it I can’t wait to change my clothes to get the smell off of me. Do you ever do that? Yuck! I’ll save you from my full dreaded story about trying to find a new perfume at Christmas, but I literally smelled 60 different scents and didn’t like not ONE!

I’ve noticed that my most favorite male and female scents tend to be those with a soft, light and fresh smell. They don’t overpower my nose and it’s just enough for any occasion. Yes, please! I’ve decided that I prefer these scents because it reminds me of the summer beach air all year around. I can’t complain about that!

I’ve partnered with Giorgio Armani to introduce you to their newest men’s cologne, Acqua Di Gio! OMG, can I just say…I might have a new favorite for my husband! (all the heart eyes) It smells like a mix of soft, fresh marine summer and warm cedar. That description doesn’t do it justice. You’ve got to get to the store and smell for yourself.

For those of you looking for Father’s Day gifts, this is for you!

Now that I’ve got my husband this new “summer” cologne the beach is calling our names!! We usually book our vacations in October to somewhere tropical where it’s warm all year around. This year – we are headed to Jamaica!! Woohoo!

My Giorgio Armani man is going to be the best smelling man on that island in October!



9 Must-Listen Podcasts

If you know me, you know I’m one of those “Type A” humans. Always looking for perfection, hates the thought of wasting time and never goes without a to-do list. Yep that’s me! Despite some of the disadvantages of being labeled a type A personality, I truly enjoy goals, deadlines and self-improvements tactics. In fact, since graduating college, I’ve made it a point to never stop being a student. A life student that is.

Being a forever student, to me, is fullfilling! I’m constantly filling my “free time” with little things to push me to be a better person in all aspects of my life, learn more about the world and strive to be more educated on a wide variety of topics. One of my favorite ways of doing this is through podcasts.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t addicted to podcasts. I listen to them as I’m getting ready in the morning, on my way to work, at lunch and even on my way home from work. You get the point – if I can plug in and listen, I do. They just suck me in. Can you relate? I feel like I just learn so much from simply listening to someone else’s thoughts on certain topics and it allows me to form opinions of my own on topics I may have never thought of otherwise.

Now, if you are a podcast listener, you know there are thousands out there to choose from. I’ve cruised many that weren’t for me and others that I just can’t get enough of. I’m here today to share with you a few of my current favorites.

If you like mysteries listen to:

Serial / If you enjoy shows like 20/20, you’ll surly love this podcast full of criminal mysteries. They walk you step by step through cases as they research and test different theories. In the first season, you will listen to a case involving the murder of a high school student and her ex-boyfriend is the target. He claims he is innocent, but the witness stories keep you guessing.

S-Town / I was hooked on this podcast after the first episode. It’s apart of the Serial and This American Life podcasts, which I also love! The story line is twisty as a reporter sets out on an investigation of a family touting that they got away with a murder, but as the investigation progresses someone else ends up dead and causes a family uproar and a fierce hunt for hidden treasure.

If you need some financial advice listen to:

The Dave Ramsey Show / Oh, Dave. He’s an honest guy with a big personality and not afraid to tell people how it is. But when it comes to finances, sometimes that’s what we all need – the honest truth. Dave does a fantastic job giving financial advice to callers in regards to all different types of financial issues. I’ve learned more about buying a house, saving money and paying debt than I ever have before listening to this podcast.

If you need fitness encouragement and wisdom listen to:

Live Farmgirlfit / These ladies are something special and I sure wish there was a Farm Girl Fit gym near me so that I could be more apart of their culture. They are two gym owners who break down fitness and nutrition myths and tell the truth about how we should be treating our bodies when it comes to working out and eating clean. They provide encouragement and wisdom that frankly just gets me jazzed when I need it most.

If you need to declutter your life and reorganize listen to:

The Minimalists Podcast / This might be one of the most intriguing podcast I listen to. Their views and lifestyle make so much sense, but come with challenges in today’s society. If you are interested in de-cluttering your life in more ways than cleaning your closet this podcast is for you!

If you are an entrepreneur or interested in business listen to:

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique / Hearing success stories from other business owners is so encouraging to me. It’s so easy to get frustrated with my  little side hustles, but this podcast helps me stay grounded and understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. Christy interviews those business owners and provides some stellar business advice. This is a must-listen.

If you are a fellow blogger listen to:

Boss Girl Creative / Let’s be honest, there’s a LOT to know about blogging. How to start, finding your community, writing techniques, quality photography, legal regulations, sponsored posts. Oh the list goes on. This podcast breaks it all down for you in a way that is easy to understand. If you want to learn more about blogging – this is for you!

If you need a good laugh listen to:

Millennial / This one really hits home for me. Being a millennial can be hard sometimes, am I right?! I enjoy listening to Megan Tan’s real-life adventure of maneuvering her 20’s that we all can relate to.  It’s funny and raw and I just can’t get enough.

What the Crime / Ok, this one was a little far out there for me for the first few listens, but sometimes I just need a good laugh about random things other people do. They really have the darnedest stories on there.

What podcasts are you listening to right now? I’d love to add some new ones to my list!

Senior Session | Paige 2017

Every time I photograph a new senior it takes me back to when I was graduating. It’s almost like reliving those moments all over again. Graduating high school or college is such an exciting milestone in life. A time to reflect on how you’ve grown,  relationships created and the future ahead. I feel like this quote embraces what it’s like in that moment of being a senior.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I had the honor of photographing senior Paige K. this season and she was a blast! Her style was classic and simple, and her personality was so confident and fun. And we both agreed that those graduation caps are less than glamorous, but she totally rocked it!

Thank you for a great session, Paige! Congrats to achieving another milestone and chasing those dreams.


The Weekender Ft. Vanity Planet

These sunny days bring out my spontaneous side and I just can’t help but to reach for my nearest bag, camera and sun dress for a weekend adventure. I love the thrill of exploring all of what a new city has to offer. The food, shopping, entertainment, history, architecture – you can sign me up every time!

You know what the most challenging part of a spontaneous trip is? Being a little ball of excitement AND trying to pack your bag at the same time. Talk about a mess. More often times than not, we make it to our destination and I’ve left some of my most important items back at the house. Ugh.  Its usually either my concealer, matching shoes, makeup brushes, the right bra for the outfits I picked out. The list can go on… can you relate?? And as much as I hate to admit it, I can be such a perfectionist that it just throws me off. Cue the not so exciting spontaneous trip to the nearest store in town to pick up those forgotten items, leaving us with less time to explore. Ugh.

I think after many failed attempts of successfully packing for a weekend trip, I’ve got some things going right for once. Let me tell you one of my little secrets. It’s a glorious thing I like to call my weekend brush set. That’s right – pretty simple. Nothing is more annoying than packing all your makeup and forgetting to grab your makeup brushes. Yep. (rolling my eyes) Thanks to Vanity Planet, I’ll never have to remember to grab each individual brush I think I might need, I  can just toss in my Palette makeup brush collection call it a day! It’s my special weekend pack of makeup brushes keeping me a happy little camper.

Here is Vanity Planet Palette Makeup Brush Collection I recommend.

It has 15 extra-soft brushes and a sweet little rollout pouch to protect them. Pretty darn good brushes too! Whether you are a proclaimed professional makeup artist or just an average everyday gal like me, this collection will get the job done! Helping you look great on that weekend trip! You are welcome!

To make these brushes even sweeter, Vanity Planet is offering a few deals just for you!
SpinSpring70 — 70% off the spin brush
SpringHair25 — 25% off anything hair
MakeUpSpring70 — 70% off the make up brushes

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A Review: Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster and Marc Jacobs for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. #sponsored #complimentary #contest #ad #review

Ever since my last vacation, which was my honeymoon last fall, I can not stop thinking about where we will choose to go for this year’s getaway. We’ve made a list of top 10 places, but how will we ever choose?! If you have any recommendations – send them our way! Until we decide, I’ll just keep dreaming of the sun to escape our dreary rainy days we’ve been having lately.

Speaking of a getaway, I recently received a complimentary bottle of the new Marc Jacobs “dew drops” coconut gel highlighter from Influenster for review and it immediately made me think of the beach (seriously, it smells like a pina-coloda and that’s my go-to on summer vacay). I couldn’t help but share my review with you.


I’ve always wondered how to get that natural, well blended summer glow…hello dew drops! This formula is made up of coconut extract that helps smooth, hydrate and perfect your summer skin for a radiant look. I was surprised at the size of the bottle (24mL or 0.08 FL Oz), but even more excited because I know this should last me a while – a little goes a long way! The consistency is light-weight and I love it’s versatility to be mixed with a liquid foundation or primer for an overall glow or simply just applied to the skin directly where you want a little extra dewy glow. (Um heellooo summer!)

One to two very small drops is all that is needed to get this perfect glowy effect. I applied one pump to my hand to show you how much it really is. It blended it well with my fingers  and it dried nicely without smear on my hand.

This will be a must have for your summer makeup bag! You can find this at your local Sephora along with the other items within the Marc Jacobs coconut collection.


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