Let’s Collaborate!

Hey You!

If you made it here, then I bet you’ve got some collaboration ideas. Well, I’m all ears!

Maybe you love what you see, but not sure how to get started? I’ve got some conversation starters for you below on how we could work together. Feel free to browse around!

Advertising on the Blog // I am currently accepting sidebar advertisements for the blog. If you have a product or service you would like to feature here on the blog, send me an email at CandaceWoesch@gmail.com to learn about my special ad rates.

Social Media Sponsorship // This one is my all-time fav! I’m currently accepting social media opportunities via Facebook and Instagram. If you are thinking of a more long-term relationship, I’m into that too. For serious inquiries, send me an email at CandaceWoesch@gmail to request my media kit.

Product Reviews // Gotta love a good product promotion! All of my reviews will adhere to the most updated FTC guidelines, including disclosure of sponsorship. I am currently accepting review request in the following categories: hair, skin and beauty products, fashion clothing and accessories, fitness and travel products, life organization and photography products and services, and some food related products. If you have a product that falls outside of the categories listed above, let’s talk about how we can work together. ¬†All product reviews will include quality product photography, social promotion and blog post. My community most enjoys topics of beauty and travel. ¬†Please send an email to CandaceWoesch@gmail.com for product review rates.

Travel Sponsorships // Nothing is better than travel, am I right?! I am currently accepting travel sponsorships that could include the following: hotel/resort reviews, special event coverage, transportation reviews, millennial travel destinations, and more. All travel sponsorships will come with a full blog post review, quality photography and social media features. Send me an email at CandaceWoesch@gmail.com to chat more about your idea.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Northwest Arkansas Blogger & Photographer