50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I love getting to know new people. Everyone is interesting in their own way. The past year I have set out to get to know people on a deeper level. To be a better listener. See things from someone else’s perspective and broaden my own. So I thought I would share a little bit about myself that you wouldn’t know by just passing by me.

So here it goes.

1. I have an inherited green thumb

2. I write down a lot of quotes

3. I’ve wanted to own a business since I was a child

4. I LOVE cover artists

5. I like to dig through other people’s junk

6. I am head over heels about antiques

7. I crave Chinese food at least once a week

8. I have never tried raw clams…and I don’t intend to

9. I have an obsession with bags

10. It takes me forever to make my first purchase when shopping, but after that I’m good to go!

11. I wanted to change my name to Matilda when I was young

12. I love anything with lace and bows

13. I really want to be a pageant director for fun

14. Sweet tea is my big weakness

15. I have had too many people tell me I look like Bristol Palin

16. I will not swim in the ocean past waist deep

17. I’ve touched Taylor Swift’s arm

18. I am in love with hot yoga

19. I am training for a marathon

20. I enjoy browsing in Lowes

21. My mother is my world

22. I am a long relationship type of person

23. I should have been a blonde

24. I really suck at tennis, but I enjoy playing

25. I own A LOT of leopard things

26. I could eat my weight in turkey bacon

27. I cannot quote movies to save my life

28. I love photography

29. I buy too much black, white and red

30. Baseball is my all-time favorite sport

31. I am an on and off self-taught guitar player

32. The first thing I notice about people is their smile

33. Cooking is not a strong skill of mine, but I will fake it till I make it

34. I want to write a book some day

35. I hate funnel cakes

36. I have a huge heart for animals

37. I can do a 360 on the kneeboard

38. I am very focused on my career

39. I am always outdoors in my free time

40. I like cheap things that look expensive

41. I have a strong southern accent

42. I believe everything happens for a reason

43. I am a hopeless romantic

44. I enjoy sewing

45. I am a stiff roller skater

46. I have really really bad luck with cars

47. I am a sassy tap dancer

48. I used to want to be a news anchor

49. I want to learn to sail

50. I am very independent

I could go on all day with random facts about myself, but that’s not as fun as hearing about other people! So tell me something random about yourself!


Candace Blair