5 Minute Leg Workout


Summer can be so crazy busy sometimes and one of the 1st things that gets cut from my to-do list when I am busy is my gym time. That needs to change! I read a social post the other day about a girl that does squats while she is brushing her teeth. Say what?! I’m not even sure I am coordinated enough to do that. Lol! She said her son has been watching her and now he thinks he has to do squats to get his teeth clean. Hahaha!

It’s really all about tweaking simple things throughout our day to get in little burst of exercise. Whether that is doing squats while you brush your teeth or sitting on a balance ball while working your desk job. I am starting a series call the “5 Minute Workouts” that I will post each Friday. Call it #FitnessFriday if you will. 🙂

This week, because legs are my all time favorite, I am giving you a 5 minute leg workout. This can be done 1st thing in the morning or over lunch or while possibly while you are even brushing your teeth (proceed with caution if you choose the last option). So here it is!

5 Minute Legs


Here is a preview of each workout and a few tips to keeping form.

1.5 Minute High Knees – Keep your back straight and bring your legs to your chest while keeping a steady pace.

High Knees

1 Minute Alternating Lunges – Suck your belly button in and lunge forward. Ensure your front knee does not extend past your toe. Stand up and lunge with the opposite leg.


1.5 Minute Moutain Climbers – Get into plank position, keeping your back as straight as possible and bring your knees to your chest (alternating) while keeping a steady pace.


Mt Climbers

1.5 Minute Squats – Keep your back straight and your chest up, squat low. Ensure your knees do not extend past your toes. Tighten your butt when you stand back up.


And you are done! That simple!

To really amp it up, repeat the 5 minute legs workout 3 times!

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