5 Benefits of Morning Walks

Summer mornings are my favorite. I set my alarm an hour earlier than usual just so I can get in a morning walk with the pup. I have found that even a short amount of exercise in the early hours does a person AND a dog good.

When I make time to get moving in the morning I find that my day goes a wee bit better. I have more energy, I tend to make healthier choices and not to mention its great for getting that metabolism going fast! Also, my pup lives for his walks around the neighborhood.

Let me just say, we have not mastered our morning walks. In fact, Carter (the pup) is all over the place. We have to sniff every mailbox, every trashcan, every dog that we pass and the list goes on. But it makes for a calmer day with him if we get out first thing in the morning.  And some days are more interesting than others. We have an ornery neighbor cat that often greets us while out and about. (can anyone relate??) This cat takes ornery to the next level and drives Carter crazy. We can be walking along and out of nowhere there he is. Its never a simple “Hi, I’m here – good morning.” It’s more like, “Muhaahh, how can I get in this dogs head?” He will follow us for a good block – charging. I’ve come to realize that maybe he just wants a friend or someone to walk with. All I can say is the more the merrier.

Here are my top reasons why I love my morning walks:

  1. It helps me start the day with a clear mind. This time allows me to collect my thoughts and get the day in order before I get to the office.
  2. Gives me energy. I can be sluggish some mornings and feel like sleeping all day, but as soon as that walk gets started I get a boost of energy that will last me all day.
  3. Counts as exercise. I love to meet a daily step goal using my fitness band. This gives me a jump start.
  4. Helps me stay positive. Walking equals happy endorphins
  5. Healthier choices. I make better decisions on my meals throughout the day and it encourages me to go for another walk in the evening.

I hope you have a great day!


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