What I’ve Learned in 2 Months of Marriage

My love and I have been married for 2 whole months. For some that doesn’t seem like a long time compared to 2 years or 10 years, but for us, it’s special. It’s been the absolute best 2 months of our lives so I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve learned on this little journey of ours. But first a little story.

When I was a teen, I went through some pretty grueling breakups (like most teens do right? Ok, maybe I was a little dramatic). So my mom told me to make a list of qualities that I wanted in my future husband. Her advice was to never settle for anyone less than the best. I made the list that night and tucked it into my nightstand only to find it 10 years later.

Now married, I found this list I had made as a teen and it was humbling to reflect on it as I looked at where I was at in life today. As I went down the list, I thought back on past relationships I believed were perfect at the time and now seeing that they never quite lived up to the expectations I had set for myself. As I neared the last few qualities on the list, I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. With my husband, J.

J meets every quality I had ever dreamed of in a husband and I could rewrite this list and add a million more qualities that he brings to our relationship that I would have never thought of as teen. So, 10 years and 2 married months later I’ve learned a few things about what married life is all about.

First, family time is essential. We’ve both realized that our families are one of our top priorities and we value and cherish those relationships. Spending time with family has become one of our favorite things and I think it is so important to building a foundation for our marriage.

Secondly, cooking is hard and Mexican food is life. For those of you that don’t know, for our first date, J took me to the finest (aka hole in the wall) Mexican food restaurant in town and to this day it’s still a favorite spot. I am not a great cook, in fact J loves telling my mishap cooking stories to literally everyone – it’s ok, they are pretty funny now. I won’t tell those stories on myself today, but we have learned that sometimes you can’t bring a meal back to life with Italian dressing and it’s just better to have Mexican food as a backup.

Thirdly, stealing the covers at night is rude. We all know how this works. One of us wakes up in the wee hours of the morning freezing our tail off and you better believe the other one hears about it the next day. (ok, it’s not that dramatic – but it does get cold!) Moral of the story, be generous with the covers. 🙂

Forth and most important, we are a team and I am too independent. You guys, J is the sweetest guy on this planet and I know he loves doing things for me, but it is in my blood to be an independent woman. I’ve had to learn to step back and receive some help with a LOT of things.  I still struggle with this one, but the easiest thing to let go of was taking the trash out. (thank goodness!) Above all else, we are a team and I am happy to say that we are a darn good good one at that!

Fifth, quality time and communication are key. We are best friends. We enjoy doing everything together, like racquetball or riding bikes. We simply just love each other’s company and quality time comes naturally for us and for that I am thankful. I pray to continue learning new things about him and us. Communication also plays a huge role and we’ve had our newlywed quarrels on this one, but at the end of the day, we are a team. Looking back on some of those disagreeing times makes us laugh.

We made it 2 whole months and we are still smiling from ear to ear! I am looking forward to a lifetime of lessons and memories between us. Cheers to marriage and I pray that the Lord continues to bless us.

What advice do you have for us newlyweds? Leave it in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in 2 Months of Marriage”

  1. This is a lovely, heartwarming post. The first few months of marriage can really be an adventure and I’m so glad you are both so happy. It is important to become a team and let go of some things. It can be hard when you are super independent but with time it becomes easier and really enhances everything. Always remember how you feel right now – when the tough stuff comes along (hopefully there won’t be much of it) remembering this will help you stay centered in your relationship and focused on each other. Then you can support each other even better. I’ve been married 25 years this year and although I wouldn’t have thought it possible, I love my husband even more today than when we first got married. It just keeps getting better 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul.

    1. Awe you are too sweet! Congratulations on 25 years and thank you so much for the encouragement!! I’m a lucky girl to have him 🙂

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