Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

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The countdown is on! We are about 2 months out from our big day and I am so excited about putting together our packing list for our honeymoon to Mexico (did my Type A come out too much there? You can never be too prepared, right?).

I am one of those that likes to have options. Everyday my outfit is determined by what kind of mood I’m in that day. So how can I possibly pack for a whole week in advance?? Can you relate? Well that’s why I am creating a packing list, because I will sooo over pack if I don’t! Not to mention, I’ve never traveled outside of the country much less to an all-inclusive resort, so I have to be even more prepared and strategic on the necessities, while not packing up our entire bathroom and closet. I sure don’t want to be lugging around a big bulky suitcase. Ekk!

Here is our guide to perfect packing for the honeymoon! What else would you add?

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Print this ultimate honeymoon packing list for yourself here!

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  1. I love how light this list is, and how it includes everything you really need whenever you’re traveling somewhere with your significant other. I’m all for leaving the expensive stuff at home.

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