15 Things to Mark Off Your Fall Bucket List



Our first Fall Friday of 2016 has finally arrived! Even though it still feels like summer here in Arkansas, with the days reaching 80 degrees and above, I’m not letting that stop me from pulling out every piece of flannel I own.

Like every year, I love making a Fall bucket list. This helps me make sure I squeeze out every ounce of fun the season has to offer.  So here it goes:

  1. Go picking at a pumpkin patch – there’s just something about handpicking a dirty pumpkin right off the vine that I love.
  2. Watch Hocus Pocus – this movie is probably one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. We’ve made it a tradition to watch it every year on Halloween night.
  3. Plan a hiking trip – the Ozark Mountains are beautiful here in the fall. The colors are unbelievable and I can’t help but go for a hike to get in my steps and capture some pretty photos.Fall Hiking Trip
  4. Volunteer to feed the hungry – 1 in 4 people are food insecure in Northwest Arkansas and our state is ranked 2nd in the U.S. for being food insecure. Serving our community during this season and throughout the year is so important.
  5. Go for a morning run – the mornings during the fall are so crisp and they make for the most perfect running weather.
  6. Pumpkin Spiced Latte – three words, gotta have it.
  7. Make a pumpkin pie – I want to try my hand at making my very 1st pumpkin pie this year. I’ll let you know how that turns out. 🙂
  8. Visit a corn maze – corn mazes are so intriguing to me. To get lost in the middle of a field of corn and trying to navigate your way out sounds like too much fun. Well, maybe not at night.  🙂
  9. Roast pumpkin seeds – I love pumpkin seeds. I need an excuse to make these year around! I love the salty/savory ones and the sweet cinnamon kinds!
  10. Attend a football game – if you’ve heard of the Arkansas Razorbacks, then you know football is a pretty big deal here in the northwest part of the state. We can’t wait to get to a game this season to cheer on the Hogs.
  11. Go for a bike ride – we have some beautiful trails that stretch from one end of the community to the other for about 36 miles. Hitting the trails during Fall makes for the perfect ride.
  12. Plan a camping trip – all summer I dream of camping, but it’s just too hot to be in a tent. Now is the perfect time to cozy up by the campfire.
  13. Apple picking – this takes me back to those days as a child when we used to pick apples out of my grandma’s trees. I would love to see a full orchid.
  14. Fall Photoshoot – the autumn foliage in the Natural State is unbeatable. It’s the perfect time to capture those Christmas card photos for the year.Fall leaves
  15. DIY Pumpkin Project – I seriously can’t get enough of cute pumpkin projects. Keep your eyes peeled for some DIY pumpkin tutorials this season!


7 thoughts on “15 Things to Mark Off Your Fall Bucket List”

  1. I didn’t realize you live in Arkansas… My brother in law and his wife live there… He’s a part of the strength coaching team for the Olympic sports! My Arkansas Razorbacks sweatshirt is one of my comfiest! 😜

    1. OMG! It’s such a small world. We live and breathe the Razorbacks up here. 🙂 You will have to let me know when you are in town next and we can grab coffee!

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